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Dr. Tara founded M2B for those in need of both pelvic floor physical therapy and sexual counseling. As a pelvic health specialist for over 12 years, she is experienced with the mind to body connection that effects sexual function. Combining pelvic floor physical therapy and sexual counseling services offers a comprehensive approach to addressing physical and psychological aspects of sexual well-being. This integrated approach recognizes that sexual health involves physical, emotional, and relational aspects of sexuality. This combined service addresses patients navigating issues such as low desire, performance anxiety, body image concerns, communication problems with partner(s), shame , guilt, or fear associated with sex, religious and cultural influence, and any type of trauma. These emotional and psychological aspects may be in concurrence with physical concerns such as pain with sex, pelvic pain, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, vaginismus, anorgasmia, and any other sexual related concerns from a biopsychosocial perspective. Dr. Tara Will help you get your sex life back!

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