Why Sexual Counseling?

Why is sexual counseling so important, especially with individuals and couples struggling with intimacy and sexuality issues?

Healthy sexuality has a 15-20% positive impact on a relationship by reinforcing feelings of desire and desirability. However, unhealthy sexuality has a 50-70% negative impact on the relationship, leaving those involved feeling insecure, inferior, inadequate, or unsatisfied.

In short, good sex may not ‘save’ a relationship, but bad sex can break it. The definition of ‘good’ or healthy sexuality and ‘bad’ or unhealthy sexuality, is unique to each person and couple; conflicting definitions among couples can lead to undermining feelings of intimacy and threatens the stability of the relationship creating a wedge among them that is hard to overcome without professional help.

Sexuality is multifactorial including biological, psychological, social, cultural, religious, and environmental. With a biopsychosocial approach, sexual counseling can restore that 15-20% positive impact that healthy or ‘good’ sex has on the relationship, reinforcing intimacy and feelings of security and stability.

Recognizing the multi-factorial nature of sexuality highlights its complexity and the need for a nuanced understanding when discussing and addressing issues related to sexual orientation, identity, and behavior. The purpose of M2B is to provide a one stop place where all factors are addressed.

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